Other Services

Our goal is to support our customers in every type of language services, in the best possible way. For implementing this goal, we continuously expand our range of services offered, our personnel and our infrastructure.

In addition to translation services, we provide the following services:


The quality of the texts you use in your brochures, letters, web pages and elsewhere reflect the philosophy of your company. For greatly effective texts, let us help. In short, we can assist by fixing errors, improving the style and making them fit for the target audience.


Electronic desktop publishing, creation, scanning and editing of graphics, pre-press work.

We use DTP applications like Framemaker, Pagemaker and QuarkXpress, both on the PC and Mac platforms.

A task we are often asked to perform for some of our customers is to create translated documents out of hardcopy originals, including the graphics and maintaining the original’s formatting. Although there are inevitably small differences compared to the original, we deliver complete translated manuals, brochures and final documents of all types, of high quality, appropriate for your products and services.

Internet services

Web hosting and web design

For even better promotion of your company in Greece and abroad, we can host and design your website. Our prices are very affordable and we offer unlimited technical abilities and complete services, such as domain names, DNS hosting, email hosting.

We may also professionally design your web pages, fit for the Greek market and conveying the right messages.

You may find more details on our Internet services at https://www.fastweb.gr.