Delivery times


In general, your job will be performed by a single translator and edited by a single reviewer, after completion of the translation stage. All translations we deliver go through a review stage. Consider the fact that even the smallest translation needs at least 3 days, because we have to select the best competent translator who is available to underake your job, fitting it within his/her usually busy schedule. The same is true for our reviewers, although they spend less time than the translator.

For big projects, we can guarantee the delivery of 10000 words per week while, if this is justified or imposed by the volume of the project, you can have the final translation sooner is several translators work in parallel.

Shorter times are certainly feasible, especially for our regular customers, who inform us of their translation volume beforehand and who assign work at a steady pace.

According to your needs, more works may be necessary, such as DTP, scanning and incorporation of pictures, production of copies, etc. All these additional works require extra time.

Rush translations

We do not undertake ‘rush’ translations, for two main reasons:

  • We respect our employees and suppliers, who are entitled to work specific hours and spend the rest of their days and weekends as they wish.
  • The more time spent on a translation, the better its final quality. We have all the translations we deliver reviewed by a second equally competent translator, while we always try to give the initial translator ample time so as to resolve any trminology and comprehension issues, and proofread and revise his/her own work. In addition, we always secure adequate time so as to deliver the job to our clients on time, within the initially agreed deadline, anticipating a little extra time for any contingencies.