Brief information

Glossa specialises in technical and medical translations into Greek. Our emphasis is on quality and our focus on being able to deliver the types of services our customers request. We handle translations of manuals, software, online documents, web pages and more.

Glossa is a personal company owned by John Pantouvanos, an expert translator and localiser since 1994. Glossa relies heavily on the work of a number of greatly experienced associates, each specialising in a different technical field and different language combinations.

To cover the special needs of our customers, we try always to be informed of recent technological advances and make use of them in our business. Whenever this is necessary, we subcontract work to specialists in their respective fields, such as lawyers, copywriters, service bureaus, advertisers, DTP specialists, web designers, etc.

Our office is located in Nikaia, in the greater Athens area, conveniently located near Piraeus and with easy access to Athens.

Our customers come from Greece and abroad, with our turnover balanced between the Greek, European and American markets.

Our customers include multilingual agencies and direct customers, many of which are software developers who entrust us with the localisation of their products for the Greek market.

In addition to translation related services, Glossa undertakes smaller projects in the areas of web design and web hosting, with customers in that area limited mainly in Greece.


We have significant experience in several technical areas and translation types. These include:

Information Technology: Software, Help and online documentation, software and hardware manuals, web pages

  • Medical: Manuals for equipment, devices
  • Entertainment: Computer game and children’s software documentation
  • Communications: Technical specifications, manuals
  • Manufacturing: Equipment manuals, technical specifications, agreements, bids
  • Automation: Equipment manuals, technical specifications
  • Automotive Technology: Brochures, technical manuals, video scripts
  • Environmental Engineering: Agreements, bids, technical specifications

Language Pairs

  1. English ==> Greek
  2. Italian ==> Greek
  3. French ==> Greek
  4. Spanish ==> Greek
  5. German ==> Greek

You may always ask if we can handle translation from another particular language into Greek.

Additional Services

  • Copywriting
  • Editing-Proofreading
  • Typing
  • Localisation of graphics
  • Screen captures
  • Page layout – DTP – Film production
  • Scanning services
  • CD-Rom creation/duplication
  • File conversions
  • Web site design/hosting

Platforms and tools

For most projects, we work on PC machines using the Windows platform. When needed, we also work on macOs, as well as previous versions of Windows. Our word processor of choice is Word for Windows and we actively use many current and previous versions.

For large projects, when this is possible, we do use SDL Trados Studio, a translation memory tool that helps us take advantage of text repetitions in large projects and pass on the savings to our customers. It also helps us maintain consistency with previously translated material and across files and handle updates efficiently.

We can also deliver files using any custom/proprietary fonts in use by our clients (other than the current standards for Greek) thanks to our own powerful codepage conversion software.

We can always deliver work in other word processor/DTP package formats.