7 top reasons

Your top 7 reasons for using our services are:

  1. Quality
    We provide comprehensive translations that make sense, in plain language and natural style. The text flows smoothly and eloquently, without revealing it is a translation.Your products and services are correctly proposed, since the clear and friendly language of our translations helps your audience focus on the essence of your text, without wasting time and effort in its understanding.Thus, the image of your company projected is the best possible.
  2. Accuracy
    To resolve any doubt, we often look up the proper resources. Our translations are free of inaccuracies, mistakes and omissions.
  3. Punctuality
    We always plan our work according to the needs of our customers. We realise how important deadlines are for you and we always manage to respect them. Invest in our reliability for constant gains!
  4. Affordability
    Our rates are reasonable. They are neither the highest nor the lowest in the market. Combined with the full understanding of your needs and the always high quality offered, you cannot lose by trusting us.We absolutely respect your budget and planning. This is why, before undertaking a translation or other job, we provide an estimate, which will be the highest price (ceiling) you will be charged with. If the effort required for processing your job is less, you will gain the respective discount.To help you avoid any unpleasant surprises, we apply “fair” charges, not according to the number of pages, which always vary in size, nor according to the words of translated text, which may be significantly more than the words of original text, but always according to the words of original text.
    All our translators master their subject matters and speak fluently the foreign languages they translate towards and from.
  5. Flexibility
    It is our goal to always satisfy the needs of our customers. We are prepared to customise our methodology, our tools, even our working hours, so as to cover your needs.No job is too complex for us to handle, nor too simple to deal with.
  6. Technology
    We watch technological evolution closely and utilise it in the best possible way. We use effectively the more recent versions of software programs for covering your needs.We actively use the most advanced methods of fast, reliable and affordable communication: e-mail, http, ftp, Internet fax. The speed and economy we gain are also to your advantage.
  7. Safety
    Your work is perfectly safe in our hands. All our associates are trustworthy and your texts will never be shared by more pairs of eyes than absolutely necessary.In addition, we thoroughly work on the effective safekeeping of your own data, talking daily backups and all the necessary precautions.