In order to send you a quotation, we need you to fill out the following form. Do not forget:

  • Your full details: Company name, your full name, a telephone number where we can reach you for any clarifications and a fax number, if you also need the quotation sent by fax (we do send all quotations by email).
  • The text that needs to be translated or part of it or an attachment with all or part of the text.
  • Details on the format you will send us the original in and that in which you need to receive the translation.
  • The timeline of the translation, that is when it will begin and when you will need it delivered.

We will contact you as soon as possible if we need any additional details or if we need any clarifications. We usually return full detailed quotations in writing within 2-3 working hours.

All quotations are indicative, unless you have sent us the entire text and a specific timeline.

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