Certified translations

What we can do:

We can deliver your translations with a lawyer’s certification regarding their accuracy. This certification can be provided by any lawyer in Greece, as long as he/she speaks both languages, original and target. Please specify this requirement at the time of requesting a quotation, so the relevant cost and additional delay will be included in our quotation.

What we cannot do:

We cannot provide ‘official’ or ‘validated’ translations. Such translations can only be produced with the original document as a source and can be submitted to Greek and foreign public services, with the same validity as the original document. For the time being, in Greece, such translations can ONLY be provided by translations certified by the Greek MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS. If you need such a translation, you will have to order your translation through the special pages of the Greek Government’s portal, gov.gr.

What you should know:

If you intend to assign us a translation that you will later submit to a public service (translation of a certificate, degree, statement), you must first check with the public service and ensure that a lawyer’s certification on the accuracy of the translation is acceptable.