Glossa always provides quotes based on source words. If the original is a hardcopy, we shall count in detail a sample of the text you need translated and will calculate the total accordingly, based on the wordcount provided for the translated text corresponding to this part. Before the translation starts, you will be notified of the maximum overall cost. In case the final cost exceeds this estimate, we take the risk and will charge you only for the maximum amount. In case the final cost is lower, you will only be charged for the relevant amount.

One of the most important factors in determining the cost of a translation is the subject matter and how well-written the original text is. This is why it is impossible to compile a pricelist according to field (e.g. technical, medical, etc.). A general indicative rate that encompasses the vast majority of translations we undertake is between 12 and 25 Eurocents per source word.

In each case, our quotations are based on any samples you send us are binding for the particular samples, while they may greatly deviate from the above range.

There is a minimum charge per job of 60 Euros. There is a special minimum charge of 20 Euros for clients paying by credit card or PayPal only, strictly within 10 days after receipt of our invoice. To qualify for that special rate, you must specify the payment method and that you wish to take advantage of the special reduced minimum at the time of placing your order.