Translation Services

Language Pairs

We offer the following main language combinations:

  • English to Greek
  • French to Greek
  • German to Greek
  • Italian to Greek
  • Spanish to Greek
  • Greek to English

If you have any other needs, do not hesitate to ask whether we can help you. We do work with a network of carefully selected translators who work into the main South East European languages.


We undertake every type of technical and medical texts, as well as software localisation projects, as long as we can cover the language combination requested by our clients.

Indicative fields


Hardware, Software, Manuals


Cardiology, Clinical Chemistry, Orthopaedics, Devices


Telecommunications, Electronics, Automation, Engineering, Construction, Automotive technology, Transportation, Chemical industry, Environmental technology

Document types

We undertake all types of translation within our specialisations.

Indicative document types

  • Technical specifications
  • Manuals for equipment and machinery
  • Package inserts
  • Agreements, contracts, quotations
  • Patents
  • Software, help, HTML pages, ASP, XML, SGML
  • Training material
  • Advertising material
  • Voiceover scripts